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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on a mission to make Saudi Arabia a world-class destination for tourists, business people, and families. To that end, Saudi Arabia offers 3 types of Saudi visit visas for short-term activities, such as family and friends visits and commercial dealings: the Saudi Arabia family visit visa, the Saudi Arabia business visit visa, and the Saudi Arabia personal visit visa.

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Saudi nationals and legal residents wishing to host first-degree relatives in Saudi Arabia can apply for a Saudi visit visa on behalf of the foreign relative. Saudi companies and entities wishing to host a manager of a foreign company or needing to conduct commercial meetings or negotiations can apply for a Saudi business visit visa on the foreign national’s behalf.

Saudi nationals wishing to host a friend in Saudi Arabia can apply for a Saudi personal visit visa on the foreign national’s behalf.


Saudi visit visas are normally issued as a multiple-entry visit visa valid for 6 months or 1 year, allowing a 90-day stay in Saudi Arabia (non-extendable). In some cases, a Saudi visit visas can be issued as a single-entry visit visa valid for 90 days, allowing for a 30-day stay in Saudi Arabia (extendable). Saudi visit visas are processed on a case-by-case basis and applicants do not have the option to choose their desired stay duration or number of entries. It is advised to check the Saudi Arabia visit visa that you have been issued, in order to avoid overstays in Saudi Arabia that will subject Saudi visit visa holders to penalties and fines.

Processing Time

Saudi visit visa applications are usually processed and issued within 4 to 5 days. It is always recommended that you apply early for your Saudi visa, in case of unforeseen delays.


The 3 categories of Saudi visit visas are as follows:
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visit visa
The 3 types of Saudi visit visas should be applied for by a Saudi national on the foreign visitor’s behalf, except for the Saudi Arabia family visit visa, which can also be applied for by a legal Saudi resident on behalf of their first degree relative.

Saudi Visit visa requirements

In order to apply for the Saudi Arabia visit visas, the following documents are required from the foreign visitor:


Foreign national must hold a passport that is valid for 6 months from the date of entry into Saudi Arabia. Passport must have at least 2 successive blank pages for official use.

Personal photos

Foreign national should take 2 recent color photographs; against a white background; 2x2 inches; natural facial expressions; 80% face; no eyeglasses; no head wear, except for religious reasons.


Applicant should fill out the relevant Saudi visa application form for the Saudi visa being applied for through the Saudi MOFA portal.

Depending on the type of Saudi visit visa being applied for, other documents may be required.

Application Steps

The Saudi Arabia visit visa application process is as follows:

Fill out visa application

The Saudi host fills out an online Saudi visit visa application form at the Saudi MOFA portal, complete with personal data and other requested information. Print and sign the Saudi visit visa application form.

Pay visa fees

The Saudi host pays the Saudi visit visa fees online at the Saudi MOFA portal, using a valid credit or debit card. A visa approval number is generated for the invitee to then use.

Submit visa application

Invitee should mail or visit the nearest Saudi Arabia embassy or representation office to submit the visa application, based on their visa approval number.

Receive approved visa

If approved, your Saudi visit visa will be mailed to you or can be retrieved from the Saudi Arabia embassy or representation office where you applied. Check that all the visa information is correct and matches the information on your passport.

Applying for certain Saudi visas may involve steps not listed in the above general Saudi visa application process. It is advised to review the information for the specific Saudi visa you are applying for.

Visa extension

Saudi Arabia visit visas that are issued as single-entry, valid for a 30-day stay, can be extended. Saudi Arabia visit visas that are issued as multiple-entry, valid for a 90-day stay each visit, cannot be extended. In all cases, foreign nationals cannot exceed 180 days in Saudi Arabia, unless permitted by a long-term residency visa that allows otherwise.

Saudi visa FAQ

The Saudi tourist e-Visa is available to 65 countries and GCC residents. You can apply for your Saudi tourist e-Visa through Foreign nationals not eligible to apply online for a Saudi tourist e-Visa should apply for a Saudi tourist “sticker” visa at their nearest Saudi embassy or representation office abroad.

Saudi visit visas usually take 4 to 5 days to be fully processed and issued. We recommend you to apply early for your Saudi visa, in case of unforeseen delays or circumstances.
Applying for a Saudi visit visa requires the Saudi national host or resident to apply through the MOFA portal on behalf of their first-degree relatives, friends, business visitors for the appropriate Saudi visit visa.