About us

Welcome to SaudiVisa.com, your go to website for Saudi visas, owned and developed by YOYO TRAVELS – a company specializing in travel and tourism and licensed by the UAE government. SaudiVisa.com is where you can apply for your Saudi visa, as well as benefit from an array of services by our team of experts, trained to successfully guide you through the preparation and processing steps of your Saudi visa application.
Our multilingual team can help guide you online while you apply for a Saudi visa, as well as review your applications and documents for accuracy, correcting any errors and making sure no information or documents are missing before filing with the Saudi Arabia authority.
Saudi e-Visas are usually issued within 5 business days, and upon approval, we will email you the approved visa directly to your inbox. Saudi Arabia is the only entity that can actually approve your visa, but we will make sure that you go through the application process in the most efficient way possible.
Our website has been designed to offer users a hassle-free experience through easy-to-use, step-by-step web pages, and an easy online application form. Most important, our website is fully secured in protecting your personal information and online payment activities.
SaudiVisa.com is at your service 24/7, to receive, review, process, and file your visa applications, and all for a very reasonable fee. Browse through our website to learn all there is to know about Saudi visas and the application process.